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The experts in testing testing rebar by product certification, CE marking (ISO 17660) or national regulations.

Testing Rebar EN

Cutting and bending companies and concrete factories that produce reinforcement for the concrete industry must carry out periodic tests prescribed by product certification, CE marking (ISO 17660) or national regulations.

We carry out the required tests for these companies in accordance with the prescribed standards and guidelines, but besides that we have set up our services in such a way that the customer is relieved completely.

Our web portal myConcrefy

Via our web portal myConcrefy, manufacturers can use a secure login to keep track of the planning of periodic checks of straightening lines and also monitor the status of welders and welding machines via a welders list. The portal automatically calculates the dates on which tests must be carried out and the customer periodically receives an e-mail message with a reminder for the next tests to be carried out.

The customer can register a new test through the portal by selecting the required machine or welder and create a test assignment for this. A handy wizard guides the customer through the registration process. This also results in a specification of the samples to be taken, which is aligned to the applicable regulations and the bar diameters used by the customer. A sample guide form is also created automatically, which the customer can use for internal communication during sampling. The samples are labelled by the customer with the identification number of the order and then placed in the Concrefy sample box.

We make sure that the samples for tests that are registered by the customer are collected within five working days. Within five working days the samples are tested and the reports are published on our web portal. The customer automatically receives an e-mail message as soon as the reports are online and the next testing date for the machine or welder is also calculated. In the web portal, the reports can be easily accessed via the welder’s list or the planning of the straightening lines.


  • Easy web portal for scheduled tests and registering of new tests
  • Automatic planning for tests on welded and straightened rebar
  • Reminder notification for tests to be conducted
  • Samples picked up by Concrefy courier
  • Reports are online within five days after sample reception

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“With an efficient web portal, our customers always have an overview of the status of their tests so that they can concentrate on their daily routine. The portal warns when tests have to be carried out. After registering the samples, we ensure that they are quickly collected, tested and results reported. If deviations are found, we help our client improve their process. If you would like to know more about our services, please contact me.”

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Project Leader Research Metals
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