Guidance on location

From mixing to concreting – expert support for your construction site.

With our service Guidance on location you can be assured with the presence of a seasoned concrete technologist at your construction site, overseeing the entire process from mix assessment to pouring, ensuring the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Our experts …

  • manage every aspect,
  • offer immediate adjustments,
  • serve as your proactive partner for seamless operations from start to finish,
  • act as the essential link between you, the concrete plant, and other stakeholders on-site.

Each Concrefy concrete technologist possesses profound practical expertise in concrete mortar manufacturing and processing. Moreover, they stay abreast of prevailing regulations and industry practices.

Guidance on location

No matter what the challenge is – count on our independent support and advisory services.

  • Modifications in mixtures
  • Incorporation of alternative raw materials
  • Utilization of recycling materials
  • Streamlining logistic processes on-site

Your advantage with our mobile laboratory

  • On-site testing made seamless: Our team possesses a mobile laboratory, fully equipped with cutting-edge instruments, enabling efficient work directly at your location.
  • Instant data transmission: Benefit from our mobile lab’s direct wireless connection to our central laboratory in Venlo, ensuring real-time data storage and analysis.
  • Comprehensive testing capabilities: In addition to on-site services, our Concrefy laboratory boasts a complete range of equipment, facilitating any required tests swiftly and effectively.

Work together with Concrefy on location

Concrefy is familiar with the construction chain unlike any other, and pragmatically applies that knowledge to consultancy and (dossier) research.