The tool for the optimization of your prefab process

The Quickscan is an ideal instrument to increase quality, improve efficiency and reduce failure costs.

And after all, a good final product costs less in its entirety, provides a better workflow and results in a satisfied customer.
A Quickscan can be performed once as a snapshot, but is particularly suitable for periodically monitoring the quality improvement in a specified period. If desired, safety, sustainability, circularity, energy consumption, or CO2 production can also be assessed additionally.


  • The Quickscan simply takes place during production (working hours)
  • By working together you make use of more than 30 years of experience in the precast concrete industry
  • Workable advice that can quickly result in quality improvement, process optimization and cost reduction.
  • Exploiting the synergy effect (concrete technology, production processes, quality systems and product requirements)
  • Communication for and at every level
  • The performance of your production process becomes measurable, so that adjustments can be made concrete and measured.
  • Problems can be dealt with quickly and usually easily
  • Save costs
  • Possible periodic check for insight into progress and/or benchmark

Step by Step process – Quickscan


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“The Concrefy Quickscan is a ideal instrument for quality and improve efficiency and to minimize failure costs.”

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