Concrefy carries out asphalt research according to the CE marking.

Asphalt research & testing

Asphalt, supplied to contractors in the Netherlands and abroad, must meet criteria with regards to water sensitivity, stiffness and fatigue (together in one test) and permanent deformation.

Concrefy carries out asphalt research according to the CE marking. After completion of a project, clients often require a delivery inspection that can be carried out by Concrefy.

Concrefy is accredited for examining asphalt samples for:

  • layer thickness (NEN-EN 12697-36),
  • density (NEN-EN 12697-06),
  • the pore content (cavities) (NEN-EN 12697-08),
  • the particle size distribution (NEN-EN 12697-02) and
  • the bitumen content (NEN-EN 12697-01).

Asphalt is subdivided according to the application, for example AC22Base is a substrate with a max. grain size of 22mm. Other examples are AC08Surf as a cover layer and AC16Bind as an intermediate layer.


  • We can take care of the complete product quality control of granular materials
  • You will be completely relieved from sampling to analysis of quality records
  • Requirements are set for the many possibilities and outcomes for potential materials
  • The NEN-EN 12620 and NEN 5905 are examples of this

Asphalt properties that are important

This always in combination with the final purpose.

  • the resistance to permanent deformation (track forming);
  • the fatigue resistance (caused by repetitive pressure);
  • the resistance to crack growth (at the top and bottom of the structure).


The regulations in accordance with RAW and recording of the various mixtures (DAB, OAB, GAB, StAB, SMA, ZOAB) have become generally accepted and used and even the reuse of asphalt in combination with life cycle analysis (LCA) has found its way into the asphalt world.

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Common applications

  • Some of the most common application areas are:
  • Road and waterworks
  • Heavy-duty roads and terrains
  • Company roads, company floors and (transfer / storage) sites
  • Airports
  • Agricultural applications
  • Soil protection and watertight constructions
  • Recreational routes, paths and sites
  • Parking lots
  • Cycling and hiking trails
  • Colours and patterns

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