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Testing mechanical splices and headed bars

Concrefy is specialised in testing reinforcement couplers for mechanical splices of bars according to various international standards and for various types of projects. For mechanical splices for reinforcement steel and headed bars, many international standards are available, setting different requirements and prescribing very specific tests.

Our laboratory belongs to a selection of laboratories worldwide that are able to carry out these tests. We carry out these tests for manufacturers of these coupling systems, but also for contractors and other users of these products. Based on static, dynamic and cyclic loading tests, we assess whether the products meet all the requirements for use in bridges, viaducts, power stations, dams, high-rise buildings or stadiums.
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Testing mechanical splices at Concrefy means
mechanical splices

Tests and standards

When ISO 15835 tests have to be carried out, a combination of slip measurements with tensile tests, fatigue tests and low-cycle loading tests is often required. We routinely carry out these tests with a 1200 kN tensile and compression test machine (up to 40 mm bar diameter) and because we have high frequency pulsators (HFP) instead of hydraulic fatigue machines, a sample fatigue test takes only eight hours while hydraulic machines need an entire week for this test

Possible tests on couplers & headed bars:

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The tests to be carried out on mechanical splices depend on the type of construction, the country and the risk of earthquakes at the location where the construction is being built. Please find below some of the projects for which Concrefy has tested mechanical splices, with reference to the standards and type of tests.

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