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Our laboratory is specialised in testing rebar and related products used in concrete construction. For steel producers we carry out verification tests on reinforcement steel. For cutting and bending plants and concrete factories, these are periodic tests on straightened reinforcement steel and also tests on welded joints that are manually or mechanically welded, such as reinforcement meshes, lattice girders or spiral reinforcement.

We have developed a methodology for process control of reinforcement steel that fully relieves the customer from the periodic checks required for certification, CE marking or regulatory purposes. This allows the manufacturer to focus on his production while the quality aspects are managed automatically.

Our laboratory is accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council for the most common tests on rebar and mechanical splices. The Dutch Accreditation Council is a co-signatory of ILAC MRA, which means that our test results are recognised in all participating countries.
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Metal testing at Concrefy includes:


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