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"My passion is to combine
sensor technology & concrete technology."

– Camiel Berkers
– Camiel Berkers

Concrefy has a broad knowledge in concrete technology, construction and prefab processes and is an expert in the field of measurement and automation.

40 years of practical experience in everything that has to do with concrete in combination with the latest knowledge and research forms the basis for our services.
Today, our customers have the advantages in their daily business by using our customized tools.

The next step is to combine all these competences into new innovative products and services that will increase quality and safety and will reduce costs.
These new ‘decision support tools’ provide strategic information and creates the possibility to optimize processes directly and even automate processes.

At Concrefy an international team is working on these developments with support from partners and the Umdasch Group Ventures. Examples are Concremote, portal myConcrefy, Asset Management 2.0 and Factory Production Resources.

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Decision support tools

Measurements help to steer the
way with Digital Decision Support Tools

An important feature of the services we provide are the Decision Support Tools, a dashboard that gives you instant insight and control over your projects. You can access real-time measurement results and analyses that help you make the right decisions!
If you do not have a login yet, please contact us!

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