European Anchor Systems chose Concrefy as its testing partner for spar pipes

Van der Blij and European Anchor Systems (EAS) work together in the field of concreting equipment for the precast concrete industry. EAS, a Dutch manufacturer, produces high-quality equipment that complies with European legislation, harmonised standards and, where applicable, KOMO assessment guidelines.

In this particular case, it was about the certification process for the spar tube.

EAS chose to work with Concrefy to certify the spar pipe to KOMO standards. This partnership led to the successful achievement of a further KOMO certificate in accordance with BRL 2835, which guarantees the highest quality and safety standards for the spar pipe.

Concrefy was chosen because of its over 40 years of experience in the concrete industry and its reliability and independence as an accredited laboratory.

Van der Blij: “Shout-out to Concrefy for conducting tests and developing the test design for Certification”