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The Concremote Precast Sensor combined with LoRa-Technology

The Concremote sensor measures the degree of maturity of the concrete and calculates the strength development in real time. The Concremote technology is already being used successfully on construction sites and has already found its way into the precast industry.

The conditions, requirements and priorities on the construction site are usually different from those during production in a precast plant. Precast elements are often produced daily with the same concrete and under the same conditions, possibly supported by automated systems (vibrating tables, climate chambers, etc.).

In contrast to Concremote for the construction site, the Preast sensor is much lighter and leaves no imprint on the poured concrete element. This sensor continuously measures the temperature of the concrete via a radio link (LoRa). The advantage of LoRa is that it can send data over long distances without consuming much energy. The communication costs per sensor are significantly lower than with a sensor that works with GSM technology.

On the myConcrefy portal, (live) data is available, forecasts can be made and different scenarios can be simulated

Concremote for Precast can control production plants, mechanically open formwork, control climate control / air conditioning rooms and operate cooling and heating containers on site and can also communicate with BIM, existing ERP systems or control modules.

Concremote for Precast module

Concemote for Precast with LoRa Technology

Concremote for Precast module


  • Saving energy/time/money/CO2
  • Safer Processes
  • Reduction of failure costs
  • Continuity in production/planning
  • Control steering process
  • Certainty to meet deadline
  • Demonstrability of performance requirement
  • Digital data storage (history)
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Validated real-time data with transparent reporting and database
  • Production automation (such as prefabrication), control of heating and cooling
  • 24/7 support departement
  • Global availability, according to international standards

With Concremote, you build safer, better, faster and with more value for money.