Concrefy recommends to use our 3D simulation technologies for structures with mass concrete.

Concrefy recommends to use our 3D simulation technologies for structures with mass concrete. E.g. for bridges, tunnels, viaducts, power stations, dams, high-rise buildings or stadiums.

The Simulations are based on the Finite Element Approach. The Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is faster and more efficient than traditional designing solutions. FEA provides more insights and added value to the client. At Concrefy the finite element simulations are carried out using a State-of-the-Art software: DIANA FEA. DIANA FEA encompasses finite element models developed in strong collaboration with the universities and thus, has a solid scientific base.

How it works

Young hardening concrete

At Concrefy the focus of simulation is on young hardening concrete. Young concrete behaves, unlike matured concrete, in a way that the properties of concrete change significantly in time which adds more complexities to structural models.

An additional challenge for young concrete is its exothermic reaction that results in the development of heat. Depending on the environment, the heat distributed in the concrete continuum in space and time will differ. This difference results in uneven expansion and strains in concrete. Additional restraint in concrete is provided by the structural boundary conditions that could result in additional imposed strains. Concrete mechanical properties develop slowly in time. The imposed strains can lead to imposed tensile stresses exceeding the mechanical tensile strength of concrete leading to cracks.

Early age cracking – Small cracks, big cracks, massive cracks!

But why?

  • Temperature changes in massive concrete
  • Shrinkage
  • Load-induced

What Simulations offer

  • Heat development in young concrete and temperature simulations
  • Development of mechanical properties of concrete
  • Cooling and insulation plans to reduce temperature effects
  • Advice on the suitable concrete mix designs
  • Simulate cracking and advice to minimise cracks
  • Optimise construction schedule and construction process

Risks and consequences

  • Cracks affect long term life of concrete and steel corrosion
  • Cracks decrease strength, durability, stiffness and stability
  • High repair costs
  • Failure of structure


Increased safety

  • Reduce cracks
  • Increase structural durability
  • Prevent catastrophic premature failures

Reduced costs

  • Prevent expensive cracks repair.
  • Avoid downtime of structure
  • Optimisation


  • Increased service life
  • Reduction of CO2

Guidance on location

Our on-site guidance gives you the security of having an experienced concrete technologist in your factory or on the construction site.

The assessment of mixtures, pouring method and compaction is followed and gives the opportunity to take immediate steps to make adjustments if necessary. From the beginning, for example drawing up a dumping protocol until the end of the dumping, we are your eyes and ears at work and you have a sparring partner to ensure that the work runs smoothly. In this way we can be the pivot between you, the concrete plant and other partners on location.

Whether it concerns changes in mixtures, alternative raw materials, recycling materials or the optimization of production processes, in all cases we can support and advise you independently.

The technologist working for Concrefy has extensive experience in the manufacture and processing of concrete mortar. The technologist is also aware of current regulations and working methods.

Your advantage with our mobile laboratory

The advantage is that our people have a mobile laboratory with equipment to work on location. The mobile laboratory is equipped with a direct wireless connection to the laboratory in Venlo and all data is stored immediately.

The Concrefy laboratory has the all equipment to be able to provide any necessary tests (in addition to the activities at your location).

Minimize safety risks with Concrefy

Concrefy is familiar with the construction chain unlike any other, and pragmatically applies that knowledge to consultancy and (dossier) research.