Research Engineer –
Innovator in 3D Concrete Printing

(Job offer in English only)

A better understanding of concrete microstructure and nanostructure opened the door for a new generation of building materials. As a Research Engineer, your primary task will be to determine the rheological requirements for printable concrete in terms of yield stress, viscosity, pumpability, flowability, extrudability, printability, water retention capacity, open time, elastic modulus, critical strain and buildability. Extrusion process at the level of the nozzle from a cement-based material point of view, will be investigated. Rheological requirements need to be defined based on printer specifications in order to prevent the flow of one layer or the strength-based failure of the rising printed concrete element. You will be combining knowledge in early-age concrete hydration and finite element method to obtain a structural concrete response. Concrefy wants to grow in the field of material optimisation within 3DCP. During the concrete printing process, a balance will be made between the rheological requirements of pumping, extrusion and buildability stages. 

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Ingrid Oppel


Venlo, The Netherlands

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