Granular Materials


Sand, gravel and recycling granulates

Concrefy’s highly qualified employees handle the complete testing of aggregates and recycled granulates for the concrete and asphalt industry.

For initial assessment (ITT) or suitability testing, we can perform the relevant physical, chemical and petrographic tests in accordance with applicable standards.

These tests are necessary for the admission check for CE marking and / or KOMO certification for, for example, BRL2502 and BRL2506.

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Recycling granulates

In the Netherlands, aggregate material is normally formed by sand and gravel. In the other countries, these materials are often less available and, based on availability, other raw materials such as basalt, granite, limestone, quartz and slag become the usual aggregate materials.

For the ever-increasing demand for recycled materials – read: secondary raw materials – to replace primary raw materials in building materials, Concrefy develops innovative systems to enable the use these materials as high-quality as possible for re-use. In this way we help socially responsible construction.

The Concrefy laboratory is NEN-EN ISO \ IEC 17025 accredited by the Dutch Accreditation Council (Raad voor Accreditatie).

We are happy to work together with our customers to develop new recipes and systems allowing for recycling materials to be reused as high-quality building materials. This helps us to contribute to more sustainable building methods with a focus on the future.
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