“It is great to develop new
tests together with our customers.”
– Perry Bisschop

Concrete Laboratory

Concrefy’s accredited laboratories offer research into building materials in accordance with international standards. Developping new technologies to optimise the concrete construction process and management of buildings and structures rounds off the laboratoy profile.

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Concrefy conducts research into new raw materials, materials and products for (concrete) construction. Sustainability, Cradle to Cradle (C2C) and Circular Design are our leading principles in these developments. The firm anchorage in the day-to-day activities of the concrete industry enables us to realise pragmatic applications right away.

Concrefy also focuses very strongly on digital techniques with which technical key figures and management information can be generated during construction and the management phase. With the aid of DSTs, clients gain control and oversight at a glance.

We continually aim for the pragmatic connection of fundamental and applied knowledge.
As an independent international engineering firm, Concrefy has very modern laboratories for material science research.

Concrefy offers customised packages including research from the creation of trials, collection of samples, conducting tests, reporting and the provision of advice on action.

Our system can be applied for one or more production locations or even for an entire sector. You see in a single overview which tests have been conducted, the current phase of the test programme and the results of the research. Concrefy does not measure in order to know, but in order to steer.

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