Asset Management 2.0


How to increase the insight in the concrete-health and create a Decision Support Tool for infrastructure managers, consultants, experts and asset owners?

The increasing demand for a concept which transfers concrete performance indicators to a simplified solution for the decision-makers, opens a generous opportunity for the next generation of Asset Management at Concrefy. Concrefy developed a sensor driven solution that measures material properties of concrete (infra)structures during their service life. Wireless concrete durability sensors send data to the online portal at Concrefy. The measurement results are validated and interpreted to generate notifications and a predictive maintenance strategy for asset managers in order to be able to optimise risks, costs and performance.

Asset management 2.0

What is our Concrete
Durability Monitoring System?

Concrete durability sensors measure the concrete cover penetrability and the data is visible in real-time. The measurement is based on the electrical resistivity and temperature in the concrete cover. These measurements are processed through Decision Support Tool algorithms to evaluate the performance of the concrete structure and visualised in the form of a traffic light. The real-time concrete durability performance is accessible for users at the online Web portal. This is an early warning system that alerts the user before any potential concrete deterioration can occur.

What Concrete Durability
Monitoring System offers:


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