Visit of the Regional Minister for Economic Affairs and Knowledge Infrastructure

Regional Minister for Economic Affairs and Knowledge Infrastructure, dr. Joost van den Akker visited Concrefy in Venlo on February 22 in 2019.

Head of Research and Development, dr. ir. Andrija Blagojevic presented innovative sensor solutions, real-time concrete durability monitoring and Decision Support Tool (DST) under umbrella of the most innovative project “Asset Management 2.0” in this region. The project could be very important for the region in future in order to be able to increase availability, safety, create smart concrete infrastructure as well as to provide cost optimization by using Big Data, IoT and digitization.

Managing Director of Concrefy, ir. Toine van Casteren informed regional minister about “fresh thinking spirit” and main expertise within the company. Furthermore, integral solutions for sustainable concrete structures were discussed. Laboratory tour was organized for dr. Joost van den Akker to gain more hands-on experience regarding company daily activities and added value which Concrefy provides to the clients worldwide.
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