Consultancy at Velsertunnel

The Netherlands (West)

Construction of the Velsertunnel started in April 1952. On September 28, 1957, one of the oldest tunnels in the Netherlands was inaugurated by the Queen Juliana.
velsertunnel 1
After almost 60 years of service life, the tunnel is closed due to renovation and repair work which is being carried out at the moment. The tunnel will be opened again in January 2017.

Forensic engineering team of Concrefy was engaged to inspect the tunnel by Hyacint – a joint venture between Dura Vermeer, BESIX and SPIE (Croon took part of the joint venture as a participant at a later stage). Hyacint has been commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat for the renovation.

The aim of this inspection work was to shed more light on the differentiation of existing concrete damage and its role on the durability and remaining service life of the concrete structure.
The durability of the tunnel is a pre-requisite for having “through-life health performance” for a specified period of time in future. An extensive investigation has been undertaken in recent months in order to contribute to repair, maintenance plan and the extension of the service life of the existing concrete structure.
velsertunnel 2

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